Andon Light for Fulfilment Center Ready to Use Andon Lights With Pole Mounted Control Box

Key Features
  • 56mm diameter LED Andon lights
  • Pre-wired suitable for multiple applications
  • 3 stacks with buzzer
  • 80dB buzzer or adjustable 10-100dB buzzer
  • Wall mountable bracket
  • 57” pole & 4.3ft power cord
① Buzzer Type (optional)
no mark No Buzzer
Z Fixed 80dB Buzzer
H Adjustable 10~100dB Buzzer
② Number of Stacks
1 1 Light
2 2 Lights
3 3 Lights
4 4 Lights
5* 5 Lights
③ ** LED Colors (Top to Bottom)
R Red
Y Yellow
G Green
RY Red, Yellow
RG Red, Green
RYG Red, Yellow, Green
RBG Red, Blue, Green
RYGB Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
RYGBC* Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear
  * Buzzer is not available for 5 light stack models ** The order and function(steady/flashing) of light stacks can be customized
1. Specifications
Light/Function Steady or Flashing
Power supply 110VAC 50/60Hz(±10%)
Lens Color Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & Clear
Lens Diameter 56 mm (2.2 inch)
Switching Options Pushbutton
Flash Rate 80 times/ minute
Vibration 0.75mm at 10~55Hz
Ambient Temperature -15°C~40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Ambient Humidity 45~85% RH
Pole length 57”
Power Cord 3 prong 4.3ft installed
2. LED Modules
LED Color Current Consumption
R 17mA
Y 17mA
G 22mA
B 22mA
C 22mA
3. Buzzer Modules
Type Z H
Style Fixed sound Adjustable sound
Sound level 80±5dB at 1M 10 ~ 100±5dB at 1M
Current consumption(±10%) 30mA 150mA
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