ATE Series Ø56mm LED Andon Lights

Key Features
  • Ready to use right out of box
  • Optional 85 or 100dB buzzer (fixed or adjustable volume)
  • 110VAC
  • Pole length: 240mm(9.45inch)standard / 750mm(29.5 inch) optional
  • Pushbutton or Selector switch type
  • Comes with 6 feet long power cord installed
① Switch Type
P Pushbutton type
S Selector switch type
PR w/remote pushbutton box
SR w/remote selector switch box
② Cable Length – applied to ATEPR/ATESR Series only
10 10 feet
15 15 feet
③ Lens colors
R Red
Y Yellow
G Green
RY Red, Yellow
RG Red, Green
RYG Red, Yellow, Green
RYGB Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
RYGBC Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Clear
RY Red, Yellow
RG Red, Green
RYG Red, Yellow, Green
1. Body units
Operation/Function Steady/ Red flashing
Power supply 110VAC 50/60Hz(±10%)
Optional version Fixed: 85dB Adjustable: 1-~85dB, 10~100dB
Flash rate 80 times/min ±10%, Option V type – 240 times/min ±10%
Vibration 0.75mm @10~55Hz: xyz/60min
Ambient temperature -15 ~ 40 ̊C
Storage temperature -25 ~ 70 ̊C
Ambient humidity 45 ~ 85% RH
Degree of protection IP65, IP40 with buzzer
Certificate/Compliance UL, RoHS, CE
Recommended wire size 1007 UL / 22AWG
2. LED Modules ±10%
LED Color 110VAC
R 17mA
Y 17mA
G 22mA
B 22mA
C 22mA
3. Buzzer kits
Model MPZ-56F MPZ-56H
Style Fixed sound Adjustable sound
Sound level 85±5dB at 1M 10 ~ 100±5dB at 1M
Current consumption(±10%) 30mA / 0.72W 150mA / 3.6W
Weight Approx. 33g Approx. 33g
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