AVG Series Ø135mm Rotating Beacons with Buzzer

Key Features

  • Incandescent type
  • Red, Yellow, Green and Blue lens available
  • Smooth lens
  • Large rotating Reflector
  • Stud mounted
  • Optional Wall Mounting Bracket (MAM-DS27) available
  • Buzzer (80dB) model available
① Light Style
B Rotating with buzzer
② Power supply
01 12VAC/DC
02 24VAC/DC
10 110VAC
20 220VAC
③ Lens colors
R Red
Y Yellow
G Green
B Blue
Style Incandescent
Power Supply 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 110VAC, 220VAC
CurrentConsumption 12V 2.08A, 25W
24V 1.04A, 25W
110V 0.22A, 25W
220V 0.11A, 25W
Rotation rate 170 RPM ± 10
Sound level N/A 80dB ± 5dB from 1 meter
Ambient Temperature -15 ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature -25 ~ 70°C
Ambient humidity 45 ~ 85% RH
Degree of Protection IP42
Recommended wire size  110/220VAC : VSF / 0.75㎟,  12/24VAC/DC : UL1007/22AWG
Certificate/Compliance UL, RoHS, CE
Bulb MAB-T15-S-012-25 12VDC, 25W
MAB-T15-S-024-25 24VDC, 25W
MAB-T15-S-130-25 110VC, 25W
MAB-T15-S-240-25 220VAC, 25W
Lens LENS-AVG-[*] Smooth lens [*] indicates color of lens: R, Y, G or B
Light catalog Mounting options
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