HR705 Series Cube type relays with/without surge protection

Key Features

  • 705 Series are designed with compact housing & ICE cube style, silver alloy contact, LED indicator, high reliability and long life
  • Available Surge protection type to protect malfunction of PLC, electronic devices from back EMF
① Contact configuration
2PL DPDT (2NO + 2NC)
4PL 4PDT (4NO + 4NC)
② Surge protection
D DC surge protection
C AC surge protection
③ Voltage
*Not available for surge protection type
Contact specifications
Configuration 2PL 4PL
DPDT (2NO + 2NC) 4PDT (4NO + 4NC)
Material Silver alloy (24K gold plate)
Rate current 5A 3A
Rated max. resistive load 5A at 30VDC/250VAC 3A at 24VDC/240 VAC
Max switching voltage 125VDC/250VAC
Min. switching requirement 100mA 5VDC
Coil specifications
Voltage range 12VDC to 110VDC,12VAC to 240VAC
Power consumption AC: 0.9VA approx., DC: 0.9W approx.
Minimum operating voltage 80% of rated coil voltage
Max. Dropout voltage DC Coil: 10% of rated voltage
AC Coil: 30% of rated voltage
General information
Operating Time 20ms
Dropout time 20ms
Isulation resistance 100mΩ min. (500VDC)
Dielectric strength Between contacts: 1,000Vrms 1 min.
Between contact & coil: 1,500Vrms 1 min.
Mechnical life 1,000,000 operations
Electrical life 100,000 operations
Vibration resistanceFunctional 10~55Hz at double amplitude of 1.5mm
Ambient temperature -35°C ~ +55°C (-13°F ~ +131°F) at non freezing
Ambient humidity 35~85% RH
Weight Approx. 33g (1.2oz)
Part number KMY2(Rail), KY08-02(PCB) KMY4(Rail), KY14-02(PCB)
Terminal tightened torque 0.5N • m (5.10kgf • cm)
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