K706 Series Slim & Compact Relays

Key Features

  • Different colored test butten for AC or DC
  • Switch type On/Off structure for easy test
  • LED indicator to show operation
  • Socket with safety cover available
①Contact Ratings
1PL 1C
2PL 2C
no mark None
D Diode (Only DC)
no mark None
T Test Button Type (AC : Red, DC : Blue)
④ Coil Voltage
110VAC 110VAC
230VAC 230VAC
1. Specifications
Contact Contact Arrangement 1C 2C
Contact Material Ag alloy (24K Gold Plt.)
Max. Rated Current (Resistance Load) 10A / 250VAC (1P 1C) 5A / 250VAC (2P 2C)
Max. Switching Current 10A (1P 1C) 5A (2P 2C)
Max. Switching Capacity 3,000VA (1P 1C) 2,000VA (2P 2C)
Min.Switching Current* 100mA 5VDC
Initial Contact Resistance 100mΩ (1A 6VDC)
Coil Spec. Coil Voltage 12VDC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 100/110VAC, 220/240VAC
Coil Consumption DC(W) : 0.53 / AC(VA) : 1.0
Min. Pick-up Voltage DC : 75% of Nominal Voltage
AC : 80% of Nominal Voltage
Max. Dropout Voltage DC : 10% of Nominal Voltage DC
AC : 30% of Nominal Voltage AC
General Info. Operating Time 20ms
Release Time 10ms / Standard, 20ms / Diode
Insulation Resistance 1,000MΩ at 500VDC
Dielectric Strength Between Contact Points 1,000Vrms 1min.
Between poles 3,000Vrms 1min.
Between Contact Points and Coil 5,000Vrms 1min
Life Cycle Mechanical Min. 10,000,000
Electrical Min. 100,000
Vibration Resistant Malfunction 10 ~ 55Hz (Durable Amplitude 1.5mm)
Destruction 10 ~ 55Hz (Durable Amplitude 1.5mm)
Shock Resistant Malfunction 98 m/s
Destruction 980 m/s
Ambient Temperature -40 ~ +55°C (with no Condensing)
Ambient Humidity 35% ~ 85% RH
Socket Socket part number KPX12/ KPX12-P KPX22/KPX22-P
Termial Tightened Torque 0.5N • m (5.10kgf • cm)
*The minimum switching current is indicated as a standard value. The actual minimum switching rate is variable factor according to the make and break frequency, environmental condition and anticipated credibility level. Therefore, it is recommended that tests be done to test actual load value before the production process.
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