KDQ Series Power quality meter

Key Features

  • Large LCD Display
  • 20 Characters x 4 lines
  • Android connection via Bluetooth
Display Type Character LCD
Number of Line 20 Character X 4 Lines
Screen Size 123.5(W)mm X43.0(H)mm (Vewing area)
Communication RS-485 Modbus RTU 2-wire, 0~255 Address, 9600,19200bps, 38400bps
Bluetooth v2.0 EDR Android application(5m)
Power Quaility Measurement Waveform 7680 sampling/sec
Phase Angle Vector Diagram
Harmonic 1st~15th
Environmental Condition Operation Temperature 0~55°C
Storage Temperature -20~85°C
Relative Humidity ≤80%
Ingress Protection Ration IP54(Front), IP20(case)
Connections Circuit Single Phase 2wire, Single phase 3wire
CT,PT,Aux Terminal M4 Bolt
RS-485 Terminal M4 Bolt
Weight 1810g (approximately)
Measurement & Accuracy
Current ≤0.3% of reading + 0.2% of F.S
Voltage ≤0.3% of reading + 0.2% of F.S
Frequency ≤0.1% of reading + 0.02% Hz
Active Power ≤1.0% of reading + 0.2% of F.S
Reactive Power ≤1.0% of reading + 0.2% of F.S
Power Factor ≤1.0% of reading + 0.2% of F.S
Active Energy ≤Active Power Accuracy + 0.1 Count/h
Auxiliary Supply AC 90~260V(50 or 60Hz)
Voltage(Direct or Secondary) AC 500V
Current (Direct or Secondary) AC 5A
Voltage Ratio 0~3200.000
Current Ratio 0~2,000
CB* OPEN/CLOSE DO* 16A AC 240V, 30A DC 125V
DI* 1~8 5A AC 240V, 5A DC 30V
*DO – Digital Out Put *DI – Digital In Put *CB – Circuit Breaker
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