KDX Series Digital Power meters

Key Features

  • Large LCD Display
  • I/O 4 Inputs, 2 Outputs
  • RS-485 or TCP/IP Communication
① Function
0 Basic Measurement
1 Basic+2DO* +4DI*
2 Basic+2Temp
3 Basic+2DO+4DI+2Temp
4 Basic+2DO+4DI+Leakage Current
*DO: Digital Output, DI: Digital Input
② Output Voltage
0 None
1 RS-485
③ Terminal
U Bolt
I Pin
Display Type 5.1inch LCD, White Backlight KDX-300:3.5inch LCD, White Black Light
Number of Line 4DigitsX3Lines+9DigitsX1Line
Max.Height of Character 15mm, KDX-300:10.8mm
RS-485 Modbus RTU 2wire, 0~255 Address 4800~1900dps
TCP/IP Modbus Lan, RJ45 Port(KDX-2 Only)
Operationg Temperature 0°C~55°C (32°F~131°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C~85°C (-4°F~185°F)
Relative Humidity ≤ 80%
Ingress Protection Rating IP52(front),IP20(case)
Weight(g) 620g (approximately) KDX-300:420g (approximately)
I/O 4 DI, 2 DO, 2 Temp (PT100Ω)
Measurement & Accuracy
Current ≤0.5% of reading + 1digit
Voltage ≤0.5% of reading + 1digit
Frequency ≤0.1% of reading + 1digit KDX-300: ≤0.0.5% of reading + 1digit
Active Power(Import/Export) ≤0.5% of reading + 1digit
Reactive Power(Import/Export) ≤1.5% of reading + 1digit
Apparent Power(Import/Export) ≤1.5% of reading + 1digit
Power Factor ≤1.5% of reading + 1digit
Active Energy (Import/Export) ≤1.0% of reading + 1digit
Reactive Energy (Import/Export) ≤3.0% of reading + 1digit
Auxiliary Supply AC 90~260V(50 or 60Hz), DC110V
Voltage(Direct or Secondary) AC 40~500V
Current (Direct or Secondary) AC 0.1~6.0A
Voltage Ratio Max. 154KV(3P3W), 22.9KV(3P4W)/110V
Current Ratio Max. 6000A/5A
Circuit Three Phase 3Wire, Three Phase 4Wire
CT, PT, Aux Terminal M4 Bolt
RS-485,I/O Terminal Solid:0.2~4.0 mm²(30~12AWG) Stranded:0.2~2.5mm²(30~12AWG)
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