MQV S/H Series D95mm Cube Multi-Tone Sounder


Key Features

  • Multi-tone sounder with internal volume control
  • Cubic shape stackable with other modules
  • Designed to couple with MQV L/M/X light series
  • Up to 15 sound selections
    ① Type
    S Speaker type
    H Horn speaker type
    ② Built-in Sound
    9 9ch Sound (for only S type)
    15 15ch Sound (for only H type)
    ③ Power Supply
    00 12 ~ 24VDC
    FF 110~220VAC
    ④ Cover Color
    R Red
    B Black
    Power supply 12 ~ 24VDC, 110 ~ 220VAC (50/60Hz)
    Allowable voltage range 10.8V ~ 26.4VDC, 100 ~ 240VAC
    Current consumption (±10%) S type H type
    12~24VDC : 01.A 110~220VAC : 0.03A 12V~24VDC: 0.45A 110~220VAC: 0.20A
    Volume control Internal volume control Internal volume control
    Sound volume (max) 85±5dB (1M) 105±5dB (1M)
    Sound type Siren: 3ch Vehicle beep: 2ch Phone bell: 4ch Melody: 6ch Melody : 3ch Signal : 3ch Siren : 3ch
    Weight App. 380g (AC type) App. 535g (AC type)
    Protection structure IP55 IP65
    Power cable insertion Bottom of main body – Maximum cable diameter: Ø7mm Two external locations – Cable gland
    Connection AC : 18 AWG DC : 22 AWG
    Color Body – Black Speaker cover – Black or Red
    Material Body – PA6 Speaker Cover – ABS
    Insulation resistance Over 100MΩ (500VDC mega between terminals and case)
    Withstand voltage 500VAC 50/60Hz 1 min(betwen terminls and case before)
    Vibration 0.75mm at 10~55Hz (cycle: 1minute)
    Temperature Working temperature : -20 ~ 50°C Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70°C
    Operating humidity 45 ~ 85% RH
    Mounting method Body bottom face fixing – Screw type (M6, 2EA)
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