MS135T Series Ø135mm LED Warning Light

Key Features

  • Excellent visibility outdoor and long distance
  • Multi-function with various sound options 
  • Adjustable rotating speed & sound volume
  • IP65 rated
①Light Style
R Flashing + Rotating
B Flashing + Rotating + Buzzerl
M* Flashing + Rotating + Melody
S* Flashing + Rotating + Siren
* Pole mounting option is not applicable for M or S type
00 12 – 24V DC
FF 100 – 240V AC
③Lens Colors
R Red
Y Yellow
G Green
B Blue
C Clear
Lighting type Flashing(emergency signal flash pattern), rotating, Buzzer
Power Supply 12-24V DC 100-240V AC
Current Consumption Color Standard Buzzer Melody / Siren Standard Buzzer Melody / Siren
Red 0.75A 0.78A 0.90A 0.10A 0.13A 0.14A
Yellow 0.75A 0.78A 0.90A 0.10A 0.13A 0.14A
Green 0.72A 0.75A 0.90A 0.08A 0.10A 0.14A
Blue 0.72A 0.75A 0.90A 0.08A 0.10A 0.14A
Clear 0.75A 0.78A 0.90A 0.10A 0.12A 0.14A
Flash Rate 240±5 time/min
Rotation Rate 60 ~ 300±10 rpm (Clockwise)
volume Buzzer volume (Built-in volume control) Sound volume (built-in volume)
intermittent sound (Beep-Beep-Beep) : 75~100±5dB (1M) 55~80±5dB (1M) (Melody: for Elise, Home sweet home Cuckoo watlz) (Siren: Fire, Police, Ambulance)
Vibration 10 ~ 55Hz (1 min.cycle) Double amplitude 0.75mm X, Y, Z
Ambient Temperature -15 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperaturee -20 ~ 70°C
Ambient Humidity 45~85% RH
Degree of Protection IP65
Mounting Option Stud/Pole/Wall mounting
Connection method Exposed wiring connections
Recommended Wire Size UL2464/22AWG
Weight app.555g
Certificate/Compliance RoHS
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