MSP Series Panel Mount/External Fixation Type

Key Features

  • Adjustable Volume up to 100dB
  • 3 Melody and 3 Siren modes
  • IP65 rated
T Terminal Type
L Lead Wire Type
P Panel Mounting
B External Fixation Type
③ Sound Type
M Melody 3 channel
S Siren 3 channel
④ Rated Voltage
01 12VDC
02 24VDC
FF 100 – 240VDC
⑤ Body Colors
(B) Black
(R) Red
Power Supply 12/24 VDC
Allowable Voltage Range 12V ± 5%, 24V ±10%
Current Consumption 12VDC Melody type: 0.22A, Siren type: 0.8A
24VDC Melody type: 0.12A, Siren type: 0.4A
Maximum Volume Melody type: 100±5dB(1M), Siren type: 110±5dB(1M)
Number of Channels Sound types: 3 Channels
Sound Type Melody: Foe Elise, Sweet Home, Cuckoo Waltz Siren: Fire trucks, Police cars, Ambulance
Volume Control Melody: Dial type Siren: None None
Color Body – Ivory/Black/Red, Horn speaker – Black
Insulation resistance Over 100MΩ(500VDC mega btwn terminal and case)
Withstand voltage 500VAC 50/60Hz 1 min.
Temperature Working temp: -20 ~ 50°C Storage temp: -20 ~ 65°C
Operating humidity 45 ~ 85% RH
Degree of protection IP65 (front panel) IP65
Recommended wire size 2464UL/22AWG, 6P, 450mm
Power input terminal screw tightening torque 0.4 ~ 0.6 N.m
Panel tightening screw fastening torque 0.7 ~ 0.8 N.m M8 Bolt: 5 ~ 6 N.m
Approvals RoHS
Weight 436g (MSP-TP Type) 588g (MSP-LB type)
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