MWE Series Wide visual multi color, Steady/Flash/Audible Alarm

Key Features

  • 4 Colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
  • 3 Colors (Red, Green, Blue) Signal Light
  • Large LED Light-emitting Lens (93mm)
  • Optional built-in Alarm
  • IP65 (With Alarm: IP52)
① Housing Colors
C Nickel-plated
 LIght Type
F Steady/Flashing
B Steady/Flashing/Alarm
 LED Signals
3 3 Colors
4 4 Colors
 Power Supply
00 12~24VAC/DC
FF 11-~220VAC
 LED Colors
RGB Red, Green, Blue
RYGB Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Power Supply 12~24V AC/DC 110~220V AC
Current Consumption Max. 0.60A±10% Max. 0.07A±10%
Flash rate 12VDC: 80±5/min 12VAC/24VAC/DC: 85±5/min 85±5/min
Color of Front Lens Standard Color–Clear white, Option – Ivory white
Alarm Sound Level 75±5dB (at 1M, Sound Level is maximum)
Wiring Method Lead wire connection
Vibration Resistance 0.75mm at 10~55Hz
Dielectric strength 1000VAC 50/60Hz for 1min
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ minimum (500VDC mega)
Ambient Temperature -20~40°C
Storage Temperature -20~70°C
Ambient humidity 45 ~ 85% RH
Degree of Protection IP65
Recommended wire size UL1007/22AWG
Weight AC type – About 300g, DC type – About 293g
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