PY7 Series Ø70mm Multi color & 1 or 5 colors at same time

Key Features

  • Smooth surface of the lens minimize adhesion of dust & water
  • Suitable for sanitary environment like food, pharmaceutical industries 
  • Low maintenance with replaceable durable polycarbonate outer lens
  • Excellent visibility of LED light emitted from inner lens
  • Variety of light styles and combinations
①Model Type
L Standard
T Multi Channel
②Mounting Type
G Surface Mounting
M Direct Mounting
P Pole Mounting
③Light Style
No mark Steady
B Steady + Buzzer
F Steady + Flashing
Z Steady + Flashing + Buzzer
④Number of Stack (L Type only)
3 3 LED Lights
4 4 LED Lights
5 5 Led Lights
⑤Power Supply
02 24Vdc
FF 110~220Vac
⑥ LED Color (top to bottom)
L Type RYG Red + Yellow + Green
RGB Red + Blue + Green
RYGB Red + Yellow + Green + Blue
RYGBW Red + Yellow + Green + Blue + White
T Type RBG Red + Blue + Green
⑦ Body Color
I Ivory
B Black
C Silver Matte Coating
Model Type L T
Function Steady, Flashing, Buzzer
Power Supply 24VDC, 110~220VAC (50~60Hz)
Allowable Voltage Range 24VDC: 21.6~26.4VDC / 110~220VAC: 100~240VAC
Flashing Rate 70±5/min
Buzzer Volume* Continuous sound: 80±5dB (at 1M)/Intermittent sound: 80±5dB (at 1M) Intermittent sound: 75±5dB (at 1M)
Lens Color Transparent (inner and outer) – PC Resin
Mounting Options Pole/Surface/Direct/Wall Mounting
Ambient Temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Ambient Humidity 45~85% RH
Withstand Voltage 500VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or more (500VDC Megger basis)
Vibration 10 ~ 55Hz (1 min.cycle) Double amplitude 0.75mm X, Y, Z
Connection UL1007/22AWG
Protection Structure IP65 (with Buzzer type: IP62)
Approval UL/CE(24V Only),RoHS UL(24V Only), RoHS
Weight (DC, Buzzer Type) PY7①P type: app. 350g PY7①G type: app. 320g PY7①M type: app. 310g
*You can select only one of two buzzer sounds to use.
Light catalog Mounting options Mounting options for PY7
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