Hinge & Latch – Q-Series Hinge & Latch Type All Plastic Enclosures

Ordering Information

① Material
C Polycarbonate (UL508 listed)
② Cover(lid) type
G Non transparent gray cover
T Transparent cover
③ Size
Numbers refer to milimeters
SIZE (including cover) PART NUMBERS Back Panel
W x L x H(unit: mm) W x L x H(unit: inch)
steel 1.6mm plastic 3mm+
100x150x90 3.93×5.90×3.54 BC-①②Q-101509 1015SQ 1015G
150x150x90 5.90×5.90×3.54 BC-①②Q-151509 1515SQ 1515G
150X150X120 5.90×5.90×4.72 BC-①②Q-151512 1515SQ 1515G
160x210x100 6.30×4.72×3.93 BC-①②Q-162110 1621SQ 1621G
160X210X130 6.30×4.72×5.11 BC-①②Q-162113 1621SQ 1621G
210x210x130 4.72×4.72×5.11 BC-①②Q-212113 2121SQ 2121G
200X300X130 7.87×11.81×5.11 BC-①②Q-203013 2030SQ 2030G
200X300X150 7.87×11.81×5.90 BC-①②Q-203015 2030SQ 2030G
200X300X180 7.87×11.81×7.08 BC-①②Q-203018 2030SQ 2030G
250X350X160 9.84×13.78×6.30 BC-①②Q-253516 2535SQ 2535G
300X300X160 11.81X11.81 X6.30 BC-①②Q-303016 3030SQ 3030G
300X400X160 11.81×15.74×6.30 BC-①②Q-304016 3040SQ 3040G
300x400x180 11.81×15.74×7.08 BC-①②Q-304018 3040SQ 3040G
350X450X200 13.78×17.71×7.87 BC-①②Q-354520 3545SQ 3545G
400X500X160 15.74×19.69×6.30 BC-①②Q-405016 4050SQ 4050G
400X500X200 15.74×19.69×7.87 BC-①②Q-405020 4050SQ 4050G

Key Features

  • Protection Level
  • IP66/67, IK07/08
  • Technical
  • Excellent UV resistance (polycarbonate models)
  • Plastic hinge , Plastic latch
  • Clear or light grey cover available
  • Certifications
  • UL508A(CGQ), CE, TUV, RoHS
  • Temperature range
  • ABS: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
  • PC: -40°C to 110°C (-40°F to 230°F)
  • UL94-HB(Transparent) Non-Flammable
  • UL94-V-0~5VA(Gray) Non-Flammable
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