RXT Series Relay terminal block

Contact specifications
Contact Form 1N/O + 1N/C
Contact Material Silver Alloy
Maximum Contact Resistance 30mΩ
Rated Current ( Resistance Load ) 6A 250VAC , 6A 30VDC
Maximum Contact Capacity DC 180W
AC 1500VA
Maximum Rated Voltage 6A 250VAC
Minimum Switching Current 1mA 5VDC
Coil specifications
Coil Voltage 5V 12V 24V
Coil Consumption 170mW 24VDC
Minimum Pick Up Voltage 70% of Nominal Voltage
Maximum Drop-Out Voltage 5% of Nominal Voltage
General information
Operating Time Pick-up 8ms
Drop-out 4ms
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ
Isulation resistance 100mΩ min.
Dielectric strength Between contacts: 4000VAC 1 minute
Between contacts: 1000VAC 1 minute
Mechanical life 1,000,000 operations
Electrical life 100,000 operations
Vibration resistant 10Hz to 55HZ 1mm DA
Ambient Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Ambient Humidity 5% to 85% RH
Approval CE , VDE , UL
part numbers
Jumper RXT-QS
Miniature Relay TF-1C-12V 1NO/1NC, 6A 250VAC, 12VDC coil input
TF-1C-24V 1NO/1NC, 6A 250VAC, 24VDC coil input
Relay Terminal Block RXT-F01 Screw Type
RXT-Q01 Pin Type
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