SRC1 Series – Single Phase Slim heatsink separated type SSR

Key Features

  • Compact size(width 22.5mm)
  • Superior dielectric strength : 4,000VAC
  • Improved reliability by maximizing heat protection efficiency with ceramic board
  • Supports Zero cross turn-on/Random turn-on type
  • Checks input status by Input LED(green)
①Control phase
1 Single phase
②Input voltage(rated)
1 4-30VDC
4 90-240VAC
③Load voltage(rated)
2 24-240VAC
4 48-480VAC
④ Rated load current (resistive load)
15 15A
25 20A
30 30A
⑤ Function
No Mark Zero cross turn-on
R Random turn-on
1. Input
Rated input voltage range 4-30VDC input voltage 90-240VAC input voltage
Input voltage range 4-32VDC 85-264VACrms (50/60Hz)
Max. input current 9mA(Zero cross turn-on), 13mA(Random turn-on) 7mArms(240VACrms)
Pick-up voltage 4VDC 85VACrms
Drop-out voltage 1VDC 10VACrms
Turn-on time Zero cross turn-on Max. 0.5 cycle of load source + 1ms Max. 1.5 cycle of load source + 1ms
Random turn-on Max. 1ms
Turn-off time Max. 0.5 cycle of load source + 1ms Max. 1.5 cycle of load source + 1ms
2. Output
Rated load voltage range 24-240VAC load voltage 48-480VAC load voltage
Load voltage range(50/60Hz) 24-264VACrms(50/60Hz) 48-528VACrms(50/60Hz)
Rated load current Resistive load (AC-51) 15Arms 20Arms 30Arms 20Arms
Motor load (AC-53a) 5Arms
Min. load current 0.15Arms 0.2Arms 0.2Arms 0.5Arms
Max. 1 cycle surge current (60Hz) 190A 270A 330A 300A
Max. non-repetitive surge current (I2t, t=8.3ms) 150A2S 300A2S 500A2S 350A2S
Peak voltage (non-repetitive) 600V 1200V (Zero cross turn-on), 1000V (Random turn-on)
Leakage current (Ta=25℃) Max. 10mArms
Output on voltage drop [Vpk] (Max. load current) Max. 1.6V
Static off-state dv/dt 500V/㎲
3. General Specifications
Dielectric strength (Vrms) 4000VAC 50/60Hz 1min.(Input-Output, Input/Output-Case)
Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ(at 500VDC Megger)
Vibration 10 to 55Hz double amplitude 0.75mm in each of X, Y, Z directions for 1 hour
Input LED Green
Environment Ambient temperature -30 to 80℃, storage: -30 to 100℃(Rated load current capacity is different based on the surrounding temperature.
Ambient humidity 45 to 85%RH
Input terminal connection Min. 1×0.5mm2(1×AWG20), Max. 1×1.5mm2(1×AWG16) or 2×1.5mm2(2×AWG16)
Output terminal connection Min. 1×0.75mm2(1×AWG18), Max. 1×4mm2(1×AWG12) or 2×2.5mm2(2×AWG14)
Input terminal fixed torque 0.75 to 0.95N.m
Output terminal fixed torque 1 to 1.35N.m
Certification UL508, CSA22.2 No.14, IEC/EN 60947-4-3
Weight Approx. 85g
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