Z15 Series UL, CE certified KACON micro limit switches

Contact arrangement SPDT(1a+1b)
Material Ag alloy
Distance btw contacts 0.5mm
Insulation resistance 100MΩ at 500V DC
Contact resistance 15mΩ
Vibration 10~55Hz (durable amplitude 1.5mm)
Impact resistance Durability Max. 100G
Error Max. 30G
Ambient temperature Operation: -25°C~ +80°C, Storage: -30°C~+80°C
Ambient humidity 35~85%RH (at -5~+40°C)
Operation speed 0.1mm/sec~0.5m/sec
Operation frequency Electrical Max. 20/min
Mechanical Max. 240/min
Dielectrical strength Btw terminals of the same polarity 1,000VAC 1min
Btw current carrying parts and ground 2,000VAC 1min
Btw terminal & non-charged metal 2,000VAC 1min
Expected life Electrical Min. 500,000
Mechanical Min. 20,000,000
Termial Tightened Torque 1.2N • m (12.24kgf • cm)
Rated voltage Non-Inductive load Inductive load
Resistive load Lamp load Inductive load Motor load
125VAC 15A(10) 1.5A 3A 15A(10) 2.5A 5A
250VAC 15A(10) 1.25A 2.5A 15A(10) 1.5A 3A
500VAC 10A 0.75A 1.5A 6A 0.75A 1.5A
8VDC 15A 1.5A 3A 15A 2.5A 5A
14VDC 15A 1.5A 3A 10A 2.5A 5A
30VDC 6(2)A 1.5A 3A 5(1)A 2.5(1)A 5(1)A
125VDC 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.05A 0.05A 0.05A
250VDC 0.25A 0.25A 0.25A 0.03A 0.03A 0.03A
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