MPL Series Bar Type LED Panel Lamp

Key Features

  • Wide angle high illumination light
  • Easy installation with screw or magnet
  • Slide rail bracket for easy adjustment
  • Excellent vibration & impact resistance
① Light Color
N Natural White
Y Warm white
② Type
C External power cable type (*IP65)
T Terminal block type(IP60)
Z Terminal block + Built-in ON/OFF switch type(IP60)
③ Power Supply
01 12VDC
02 24VDC
10 110VAC
20 220VAC
③ Product Length
2L 200mm
3L 300mm
4L 400mm
5L 500mm
④ Product Length
No mark Screw fixing type
M Magnet fixed type
Application Working light, Enclosure box, Semiconductor machinery
Type Bar type lamp
Power supply 12/24VDC±5V , 110/220VAC±10V (AC50/60Hz)
Light color N type-Natural white (app.6200K) Y type-Warm white (app.3850K)
Connection 60227 KS IEC 53, 2CX0.7-Exposure length: 400mm
Material Housing-PC resin (milky white), Cover-ABS resin(ivory), Bracket – PC resin (transparent)
Ambient temperature -20 ~ 50°C
Storage ambient temperature -20 ~ 70°C
Ambient humidity 45~85% RH
Withstand voltage AC: 1500VAC 60Hz for 1 minute DC: 500VAC 60Hz for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more (500VDC Mega between all terminals and case)
Vibration 10~55Hz (cycle 1 minute) Amplitude 0.75mm X, Y, Z 1hour
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