GMP Series Electronic Motor Protection Relays

Key Features

  • Various connection & mount
  • Inverse or definite time protection mode
  • Ground fault type
  • Display the causes of the falut by LED
① Frame
Frame Nominal Current Type
22 22 Direct Coupling, Terminal Connection, Penetration
40 20A
80 80A Terminal Connection
60 06A Penetration
② CT Type
1 2CT
3 3CT
③ Type
P Direct Coupling(Pin)
S Terminal Connection(Screw)
T Penetration (Tunnel)
TE Economic
PD Direct Coupling (Definite Time)
TD Current Display (Definite Time)
TZ Ground Fault Protection (Zero-Phase- Sequence Current Detection)
TN Ground Fault Protection (Residual Current Detection)
④ Reverse Phase
No Reverse Protection
R Reverse Protection Protection Available
A Automatic Recovery
⑤ Reverse Phase
Existing Model
a Operation Time Function
Nominal Current
Nominal Current Current Adjustment Range (A)
1.5A 0.3~1.5
5A 1~5
22A 4.4~22
20A 4~20
40A 8~40
80A 16~80
06A 0.5~6
30A 3~30
60A 0.5~60*
* For GMP60-TD, GMP60-TDa 6/60A, GMP60-3TZ (R), 3TN (R), 3T (R)
Control Voltage
110/220t AC 100~260V
24 AC 24V
48 AC 48V
110 AC 110V
220 AC 220V
380 AC 380 (440)V
480 AC 180~480V
AC 24V, AC 48V, AC 380(440)V and AC 480V are for GMP60T.
⑧ Aux. contactor
1c (N) 1c (N)
1a1b 1a1b
When the power is applied, the system is in the contacting status.
⑨ Model Type
Terminal (Screw) Penetration (Tunnel)
Sol Metasol Direct Coupling (Pin)
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