HRF-HD8 Series Heavy Duty Foot Switches

Key Features

  • Available Momentary, Maintained, Anti-trip by Safety Lever, 2 stage, and 2 or 3 pedal types
  • Available 1 NO/NC, 2 NO/NC, or 2 NO, 2 NC contacts with 24K gold plated
  • Adjustable pedal height from 20 to 45mm for user convenience
  • 200J impact resistant foot guard with aluminum di-cast of covered shape
  • IP67 rating proof by silicon gasket
  • Safety in dark place by fluorescent label
① Protection
S Standard
L Anti trip by safety lever
② Operation type
1 Momentary
8 Safety reset type
3 Maintained
2 S stage operation type
③ Contact
1 1a+1b
2 2a+2b
3 2a (1NO x 2)
4 2b (1NC x 2)
  • Momentary: Push the pedal and hold to turn on, release to turn off
  • Maintained type:
  • From the Initial Stage, if you push the pedal down, it goes to turn on, and if release foot from the pedal, automatically returns to the Initial Stage (turn off) by spring return.
  • If you push the pedal down until you feel or hear a clicking sound, it maintained ON status even release your foot from the pedal.
  • From the Maintained Stage, if you push the pedal down until you feel or hear a clicking sound, it goes back to the Initial Stage(turn off).
  • Anti-Trip by Safety lever type: Push forward safety lever before activating, and then push the pedal down to work the switch
  • Two-stage type: Two-stage models have an additional force added in between activation of each switch, allowing the user to distinguish between activation of the first and second switches
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